Pampering myself after a week of being sick. Realized that I was giving away too much of my power and had to grab it back. I will no longer play the victim nor will I stand by while people take advantage of me. Gaining confidence in the fact that love will find me again. Finding peace with the fact that the future is not mine to control but seeing that I have the free will to allow things to run smoothly.
Missing him as always. Looking forward to this journey of working on me and excited to see the woman I’ll be when we meet again.
Yoga has opened up a whole new way of life for me. Taking another hiatus from sex but this time abstaining from masturbation as well. Looking into the practice of harnessing my sexual energy into creative energy instead. Definitely some interesting stuff. Also looking into so many different aspects of spirituality, searching for what resonates with me. Knowledge is truly power. I’m growing, I can see it. And so far, I like what I see.