Forecasts keep telling me all of the clearing of negative energy has been because we will be reunited once again.

By this time tomorrow I will be in your arms. Time has flown, seems like it was just yesterday that I was planning to come see you and counting down the months until we could finally meet.

This week, once again, I had to stop myself from running away from you. Why? What reason triggered that recurring urge this time around? Love. I see now that in some shape or form, wanting to run is almost always related to love.

In this case, I realized I loved you and past hurts threatened to make me emotionally unravel. I had to calm myself down by thinking of the lessons I’ve learned from that past hurt in order to avoid making the same mistake with you again. I had to tell myself that you are entitled to do as you wish, that I have absolutely no control over you and that is absolutely okay. You are single and I refuse to chase you or act like your girlfriend simply because I like you. More than like you, if I’m being honest with myself. I’m working on accepting the fact that I do indeed love you. No matter what, despite your faults, truly unconditional love.

I am anticipating our meet. I have the feeling the next few days will be amazing, more than amazing even. However, I have no expectations. I am determined to have fun and keep things lights versus heavy. I admit, I’m excited to see you and I know you are excited too.

All of it will be worth it once I’m with you. Once again, I’m glad I didn’t run away from you.